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Chef Preparing Pizza

Chicken Jalfrezi

First, let's talk about the Chicken Jalfrezi pizza. This delightful fusion of traditional Italian and Indian flavors features succulent pieces of chicken jalfrezi, known for its rich, spicy, and slightly sweet taste. The spicy cheese adds a fiery kick that complements the savory taste of the chicken perfectly.


The Stuffed Crust Indian pizza, on the other hand, is a feast of flavors made with chicken jafreizi and tomato sauce, mushrooms, hot peppers, and spicy cheese, with extra cheese stuffed into the crust!


Please note that our Instagram promotion and BlueBie Club offers do not apply to these new guest pizzas. We believe that these unique pizzas are a treat in themselves, and we want to present them to our customers in all their glory, without any discounts or promotions diluting their specialness.

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Dine in Or Order for Takeaway


You can dine in or order for takeaway by calling us 01235-850296

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Pepperoni Pizza
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