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What's on this week 3 at The Blueberry Pub? 🫐 15 January 2024 - 21 January 2024

Updated: Jan 18

Happy Tuesday,

Welcome to the third week of the New Year, and thank you for tuning in to our Week 3 Newsletter! We can hardly believe it's already the third week of 2024, but we're buzzing with excitement and ready to serve you some mouth-watering, stone-baked, wood-fired pizza.

Tear and Share Promotion

We understand that many of you might be trying to save money after the holiday season. This is why we've come up with our 'Tear and Share' promotion every Tuesday. It's the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family over a shared pizza. Keep scrolling for more details about this and other exciting promotions we have for you this week.

Our Happy Customers

Before we dive into the hottest deals of the week, we want to take a moment to appreciate all of you. Seeing your happy faces visiting our pub and enjoying our food truly warms our hearts. We're thrilled to be part of your memories and look forward to creating many more in the weeks to come.

Upcoming Event: Exclusive Big Money Quiz

Keep your heads up for our upcoming event - the 'Exclusive Big Money Quiz.' Scheduled to happen at the end of January, it's an event you won't want to miss. Gather your team, get ready to flex those grey cells, and stand a chance to win big. Stay tuned for more details!

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Keep up with updates daily! We are not only sharing our best offers, and food suggestions but also inspiring you to see life from a more positive side!

Follow us on INSTAGRAM and let's create a community of happy and positive people.


January 2024 Promotions at The Blueberry Pub

Now, let's get down to business. Here are the exciting promotions we have in store for you this week. Whether you're a pizza lover, a fan of our pub classics, or looking forward to our special events, we've got something for everyone. Make sure to check them out and make the most of these offers!

Weekday Specials

Visit us on MONDAY!

We Are OPEN 3PM - 11PM

We're thrilled to remind you that we're one of the few village pubs that's open on Mondays!

Every Monday we have the Pizza Dine-In Deal (PDID). Buy one pizza, get another half price, because who wants to start the week with Monday Blues?

Get Creative!

BlueBie invites you to tap into your creativity. Why not create your very own stone-baked wood-fired pizza? We'll provide a rich tomato sauce and cheese pizza base, and you can choose from a variety of fresh ingredients to make your pizza truly unique.

Unleash Your Inner Chef

With our BlueBie Builder pizza, you have the freedom to combine ingredients however you want! Fancy a meat-heavy pizza? Choose from ingredients such as chicken, beef, ham, and pepperoni. Or perhaps you're in the mood for an English breakfast pizza? Add mushrooms, eggs, sausage, and bacon to your base!

Veggie Delights

Of course, we didn't forget about our veggie lovers. Add a zesty kick to your pizza with red onions, peppers, and capers. Balance out the flavors with the earthy taste of wild rocket leaves. Love spicy food? Then don't hesitate to throw in some jalapenos or red chili!

Adventurous Toppings

Why stop at traditional toppings? At Blueberry pub, we encourage you to be adventurous with your pizza. Add extra cheese to amp up the creaminess or throw in some pineapple for a sweet and savory combination. The possibilities are endless!

Accommodating Dietary Needs

We understand that everyone has different dietary needs, and we want to make sure everyone can enjoy our pizzas. That's why we offer gluten-free and vegan options, so everyone can join in on the fun and creativity.

Tuesdays are for Tear and Share pizza. Share a pizza of your choice, dine in for £9.99 for a 12 inch, £7.99 for a 9 inch. You can choose any two types of pizzas on one pizza base. It's perfect for when you're not too hungry but want to sample more pizzas.

Wednesdays we invite all beer lovers. Coors Lager for £4. This deal is available from 6 pm till 9 pm. Come for a pint or two!

Big Pizza Thursday is on where you get any pizza for £9.99. Also, it's Ladies night and we are offering buy 1 get 1 free on Non Seco and Prosecco!

Fridays are party nights or date nights. We've got House cocktails two for £10.

Low and No Alcohol Drinks

At the Blueberry Pub, we've got a fantastic range of low and no alcohol drinks ready to tickle your tastebuds. But that's not all - we're also introducing non-alcoholic wines and Prosecco this week. So, whether you're looking to cut down your alcohol consumption or just feel like trying something new, we've got you covered!

We have many other choices for you such as Nosecco, Cobra Zero, Corona Cero, Erdinger Zero, Guinness Zero, Doombar Zero, Thatchers Cider Zero, Gordons Gin Zero, Tanqueray Gin Zero, Whitley & Neil Raspberry Gin Zero, Captain Morgans Spiced Rum Zero, and others. Of course, we also have an array of soft drinks for those who prefer them.

Weekend Specials

Saturday Lunchtime Pizza, dine in, PDID Yes buy one get one free when you dine in between 12 and 2 pm.

Sunday All day deal, £3 off any bottle of Red or White wine when you dine in for Thai Gastro or Pizza.

More Winnings

Our Email/Instagram promotion will be drawn on the last Saturday of January. First prize is a £50 bar tab, second prize is a dine-in pizza for two people, and the third prize is a bottle of Honu Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand wine.


THAI FOOD Specials




Guest ALE ''Abingdon Bridge''

Get a Stone Baked Pizza for just £9.99!


FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM and GET This week ANY of our Stone Baked Pizzas of your choice just for £9.99!

Click on link below

If you are already a follower, simply like the post or story of the image above and you will receive your personal voucher!

So why wait? Bring your pizza-loving self to us and let's make this weekend a cheesy, saucy, pizza-filled delight.

Call 01235-850296 - PIZZA

Click on the button below

Call 01235-850388 - THAI FOOD

Click on the button below



This week, join us for a grand celebration featuring a mouth-watering selection of foods and drinks in a warm, inviting setting.

  • Offering an array of pizzas and exquisite Thai cuisine.

  • Providing a wide range of beers, cocktails, and other beverages.

  • Enjoy all these in a fantastic and cozy ambience.

To reserve your table for pizza click on the link below


call 01235 850296

For Thai food


call 01235 850388

Thank you!

See you this week!

The team of Blueberry Pub

Your Privacy Matters to Us!

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we value your privacy at the Blueberry Pub. We absolutely respect your wishes when it comes to taking photos. We understand that not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera, and that's perfectly alright. However, if you're one of the many patrons who love capturing fun memories of your time here, don't hesitate to ask us. We'd be more than happy to oblige. At the end of the day, our main goal is to create a safe, welcoming space for you to enjoy fantastic food and a great vibe. We look forward to seeing you soon! Best, The Blueberry Pub Team

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