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What's on this week 20 at The Blueberry Pub? 🫐 13 05 - 19 05 2024

Updated: May 16

Grab Your 10% off on Pizza Takeaways!

Happy Tuesday,

It's time to take a moment and appreciate the famous authentic wood-fired pizzas offered by the Blueberry Pub. These pizzas are a delightful blend of thin crust, beech wood, and a hot stone base, making them a crispy, smoky, and utterly delicious treat.

What Makes Our Pizzas So Special?

Our secret ingredient, beech wood, is what gives our pizzas their unique smoky flavor. This wood is traditionally used in Italy for cooking pizza, and it's what makes our pizzas taste like the real deal. The thin crust and hot stone base, on the other hand, ensure that our pizzas are crispy and light, not thick and soggy like some imposter pizzas out there.

How Can You Enjoy Our Pizzas and Save Money?

We understand that enjoying our pizzas can be a treat, which is why we offer a variety of ways for you to save money while indulging in our delicious wood-fired pizzas.

Tear and Share Promotion on Tuesdays: This promotion allows you to try any two pizzas on one base for a price less than that of two separate pizzas. It's perfect for those days when you're not too hungry but want to sample more pizzas.

Share a pizza of your choice, dine in for £9.99 for a 12 inch, £7.99 for a 9 inch.

Digital VIP Membership Card: Becoming a Digital VIP Cardholder offers you two fantastic benefits.

1. 10% Off for VIP Cardholders: If you're a Digital VIP Card holder, you can enjoy a 10% discount on our pizzas every time you order for takeaway.

2. Exclusive Monthly Offers: Our VIP cardholders can look forward to special discounts and services every month.

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Exclusive Offer for June will be announced very soon! Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER and don’t miss our hottest offers and news!


Top 6 Pizzas

Hawaiian is our pizza of the week at Blueberry Pub. It's a delicious blend of pineapple and ham on our stone-baked base – a flavor explosion that you simply can't miss.

The Blewbury Bad Boy: A Spicy Sensation

If you're in the mood for something fiery, our Blewbury Bad Boy pizza is the perfect choice. This spicy sensation is made with a double layer of pepperoni, jalapeno, red onion, mozzarella, and tomato sauce. The result is a flavor explosion that you won't soon forget.

The Pepperoni Lover's Dream

Are you a die-hard pepperoni fan? Our Pepperoni pizza is a classic, crowd-pleaser loaded with your favorite topping. It's a no-fuss, all-flavor kind of pizza that's perfect for any occasion. And, as a VIP cardholder, you get a permanent 10% discount on our pizzas when you order for takeaway, so what are you waiting for?

The Customize-Your-Own Adventure

Prefer to tailor your pizza to your own tastes? Our Bluebie Builder pizza is the way to go. This unique offering allows you to choose your own delicious toppings from our selection. From juicy chicken to spicy jalapenos, the power is in your hands to create the pizza of your dreams.

The Porky Pig Face: A Meat Lover's Delight

If you're a meat lover, our Porky Pig Face pizza is sure to satisfy your cravings. Loaded with bacon, ham, pepperoni, and sausage, this meaty masterpiece is a flavor explosion waiting to happen. And, as a VIP cardholder, you get a permanent 10% discount on our pizzas when you order for takeaway.

The Beefy Bomber: A Flavor-Packed Punch

Looking to add some excitement to your life? Our Beefy Bomber pizza is the way to go. This intense, flavor-packed pie is made with a cheddar and mozzarella mix on a tomato sauce base, with beef in a chili sauce and topped with jalapenos and spicy Mexican cheese.

Check out our other pizzas!

The Sense of Community

At Blueberry Pub, we're not just a pub, we're a community. We love to hear from our customers and engage with them on social media. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our latest news and offers.

Remember, our pizzas are best enjoyed fresh, so come on down or place your order for takeaway. And don't forget, as a VIP cardholder, you get a permanent 10% discount on our pizzas when you order for takeaway. Enjoy your pizza, save money, and have a great time at the Blueberry Pub!


Exclusive Congratulations to Ava Peters on left , best small school quad athletics winner and Chloe peters on right , Oxfordshire under 7 s football tournament winners for The Blewbury Amazon team in the development festival cup.

Supporting Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue

Meat Draw last week we raised £55.

Total this year so far £1401 Thank you!

If you're interested in joining the fun and supporting a great cause, swing by the bar anytime during the week to buy your raffle ticket. It costs only £5, but you will support worthy cause!

Click here for more info


Thai Set Menu

Get ready for this week's culinary adventure with our Thai Gastro Set Menu for two! Showcasing assorted Thai starters, Wild Ginger Beef, King Prawn Panang Curry, Wok-fried Broccoli, and Jasmine rice. Dive into the vibrant flavours of Thailand!

Booking early ensures you have a spot reserved for you to enjoy the evening. You can easily view the pub's menu and reserve your table online.

Alternatively, you can also call at 01235-850388 to make your reservations.

So why wait? Book your table now and get ready for a unique and unforgettable dining experience.


3 Exclusive Announcements📣

1. Sunny Quiz

We're organizing another one of our popular Quiz Nights on 29th of May 7:30 PM It's going to be a fun-filled evening of brain-teasing questions and exciting prizes. Main Prize - £60 and runner up box of chocolates!

So grab your friends, family, or even your neighbors, and come on down to the Blueberry Pub. Let's spread some sunshine and make the UK shine a little brighter!

Entry is FREE!

More Winnings

May Draw

Every month we organise Pirze Draw for our website subscribers and instagram followers!

To enter, simply leave a slip with your email at the bar or follow us on Instagram. Who knows? Next month, we could be announcing your name!

You can win £50 bar tab, £25 bar tab or box of chocolates! Good luck

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2. Gin Tasting: An Evening of Delightful Flavours

Get ready for an exclusive gin tasting event every Thursday. This is a fantastic opportunity to sample a variety of local and new flavor gins, including the notable Hawkridge and Abingdon.

The format of the event is simple: buy one gin and get the next one half price, including a half-price mixer. This setup allows you to explore and compare different gins, understand the intricacies of their flavors, and maybe even discover a new favorite.

3. BVS Beer Festival: A Village-wide Celebration

The pinnacle of our spring celebrations is the Blewbury Beer Festival, which takes place on the 18th of May. This event is a vibrant gathering of the local community, featuring a broad selection of beers from local breweries, along with local gin and cider offerings.

The festival, which will be held at the Blewbury Village Hall, promises to be an exciting day out for all. Whether you're a beer connoisseur looking to sample the latest craft brews or just someone looking to soak up the festive atmosphere, the Blewbury Beer Festival has something for everyone.

More Information

For more information please visit:

A Luxury Stay at Blewbury Village

Just 30 minutes' drive from the bustling cities of Oxford and Reading, you'll find the picturesque village of Blewbury. This historic village offers a unique blend of rural charm and modern amenities, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway or a longer holiday.

The Village Hall

At the heart of the village, you'll find the Blewbury Village Hall, a hub for local events and celebrations. The hall is available for hire and is perfect for anything from children's parties to wedding receptions. Its two main rooms, the Main Hall and the Vale Room, can be hired separately or together, providing flexibility for different event sizes.

Blueberry Lets

If you're looking to stay in the lap of luxury, Blueberry Lets offers a studio apartment in the village. Recently refurbished, this cosy and stylish apartment provides a comfortable and relaxing stay. It's the perfect base for exploring the local area or just unwinding in the peaceful village.

Click here for more info

Whether you're looking to host an event, enjoy a luxury stay, or explore a charming village, Blewbury has something for everyone. So why not plan your next visit?

Click on the link to book the apartment!

Ongoing Promotions

Click here to find out more

Your Midweek Escape

Blueberry Pub is not just a place for great food and drinks, it's also a space for fun and relaxation. Our pub offers a variety of activities and discounts, especially on Wednesdays.

Sweet and Sunny Wednesday offer

You can enjoy a delicious 12-inch pizza and get a bar of chocolate for free! Dine in only

Exclusive offers for kids from BlueBie

Bluebie our mascot 3 times a week invites you and your kids not only enjoy pizza but also play, learn and connect!

Next doors are open tomorrow on Wednesday 4 PM - 6 PM

Kids, can enjoy our Bluebie Club, where they can play, learn, and connect with their peers. Our mascot, Bluebie, makes a special appearance three times a week, offering a 50% discount on any of our 9-inch pizzas exclusively during the club opening hours. As if that wasn't enough, your little ones can also get £1 off any soft drink!

For the grown-ups, we offer a £1 off on any pint of beer or medium to large glass of house wine, again exclusively during the club opening hours.

Click here for more info

Each week, we feature a special guest ale, like the popular "Solar Wave" ale. This exclusive brew is available on Wednesdays for just £4!

So, while you're waiting for the weekend, come on down to Blueberry Pub and enjoy some amazing beers

Refurbished Outdoor Area

Our outside space has been refurbished to provide you with a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Whether you're looking to enjoy a meal or just have a drink, our outdoor area is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new and exclusive outdoor area: The Relax and Chill Zone.

We've put a lot of thought into creating a calm and peaceful setting for our customers, particularly our non-smoking guests who can now enjoy their drinks without the hassle of cigarette smoke.

You can choose any outside seating area for food and drink but “Relax and Chill” area is preferable for drinks only.

You can have a drink and socialise with your friends and family.

It’s strictly non smoking area. Please respect the people who are in this area and furniture. We are putting our heart into making your experience at our pub beautiful and comfortable, please support us by following rules. Thank you.

Cocktail Deals

As the weather gets warmer, we're offering a fantastic cocktail deal every Friday. For just £12, you can enjoy any 2 of our house cocktails. This deal is a great way to kick off the weekend and enjoy the sunny weather with good vibes and great company.

Special Offers

We also have some great special offers for our customers. If you dine in with us on a Sunday, you'll get £2 off any bottle of wine from our wine list.

Fresh Bean Coffee meal deals

In next couple of weeks also new fresh bean coffee available for drinking in after a lovely meal or pop in and takeaway deals such as coffee and muffin. Amazing value for great coffee deals on the go in minutes. More info in upcoming NEWSLETTERS!

Dog-Friendly Pub

Last but not least, we're proud to be a dog-friendly pub. We understand that your furry friends are part of your family, and we welcome them with open arms.

However, we do have some restrictions in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests. So, please respect the rules and furniture in our dog-friendly areas.

We're excited about these new changes and can't wait for you to experience them. Remember, it's all about providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. So, grab your friends and family, and head on over to The Pub!



This week, join us for a grand celebration featuring a mouth-watering selection of foods and drinks in a warm, inviting setting.

  • Offering an array of pizzas and exquisite Thai cuisine.

  • Providing a wide range of beers, cocktails, and other beverages.

  • Enjoy all these in a fantastic and cosy ambience.

To reserve your table for Pizza or Thai Food click on the links below

Call 01235-850296 - PIZZA

Click on the button below

Call 01235-850388 - THAI FOOD

Click on the button below

Thank you!

See you this week!

The team of Blueberry Pub


Your Privacy Matters to Us!

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we value your privacy at the Blueberry Pub. We absolutely respect your wishes when it comes to taking photos. We understand that not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera, and that's perfectly alright. However, if you're one of the many patrons who love capturing fun memories of your time here, don't hesitate to ask us. We'd be more than happy to oblige. At the end of the day, our main goal is to create a safe, welcoming space for you to enjoy fantastic food and a great vibe. We look forward to seeing you soon! Best, The Blueberry Pub Team

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