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Week 50 review at The Blueberry Blewbury Pub HIGHLIGHTS

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Welcome to the 50th week review highlights

We had an exciting week, and the cherry on top was the Festive Quiz night on December 13th. You all made it a memorable event with your enthusiastic participation and friendly banter. Our winners walked away with a grand prize of £100 - congratulations again to them!

Additionally, we were able to raise £140 from the 'Meat Raffle'. We're delighted to share that all the proceeds were donated to Oxfordshire Rescue. It's wonderful to see our community come together, not just for fun events, but also to support worthy causes.

Based on your positive feedback, we're thrilled to announce that the quiz night will be making a comeback soon. So, stay tuned for more details!

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and take a moment to look back at the week that was. Here's to many more exciting weeks ahead!


Fantastic festive Quiz night and £100 Prize winners!

December 13th, a chilly Wednesday night, was one for the books! Our much-anticipated Festive Quiz Night finally made a grand return, and it was indeed a blast! We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our quiz winners who walked away with the grand prize of £100! Their quick thinking and swift responses truly stole the show.

The success of the event was largely due to the tireless efforts of Ben and his Dad, who were responsible for the content of the quiz. A special mention goes to Ben, who also took on the role of presenter for the night. Their dedication and commitment were commendable, and they ensured that the quiz was both challenging and entertaining.

However, as they say, the best-laid plans often go awry. Ours was no exception. Despite meticulous testing over the weekend, we were faced with a technical Grinch - the microphone system decided not to work. But, as any good team does, we adapted. Sophie, one of our team members, kindly stepped in to present in the dining area. And to our pleasant surprise, it worked out wonderfully.

The contestants, too, deserve a special mention. All of them came with a great spirit, ready to take on the challenge. The friendly banter and the competitive atmosphere truly made the night an enjoyable one. We were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Given the success of the event and the overwhelming response from our customers, we have decided that the quiz will return in the near future. And this time, it will be a more regular feature. We're already in the process of planning it and can't wait to bring you another exciting, fun-filled quiz night. So, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement and get ready to put your knowledge to the test again!




6 Personalised Vouchers for our Instagram followers to get ANY pizza just for £9.99

This week, we've been sending out Personalised Pizza vouchers to our amazing Instagram followers. And guess what? You can be part of this delicious deal too!

All you've to do is follow us on Instagram and you can grab any pizza for just £9.99. Yup, that's right! Any pizza of your choice, just the way you like it, for a mere £9.99.

So, what are you waiting for? Get following and grab this deal before it's gone!

More info here


''Meat Raffle'' Game for Wildlife Rescue Charity

£305 raised so far!

Meat raffle was exceptional on Friday night . Our fantastic customers raised £140!

Total so far £305!

Thank You.

Another busy Festive Week




With the jolly Christmas season just around the corner, we're keeping the festive spirit high with another round of our Golden Ticket game. Who knows, maybe tonight's the night Lady Luck graces you with her presence!

But that's not all. We're also serving up some lip-smacking Pizza and Thai dinner. And here's the cherry on top - we've got a special Monday offer for you. When you buy one pizza, you get the second one for half the price! It's a delicious way to beat those Monday blues, wouldn't you agree?

So, why wait?

Come over tonight and let's make it a fun-filled evening.

Pop in on Today or call us at 01235-850296 to reserve your table.

Thank you

The Blueberry Blewbury team

Your Privacy Matters to Us!

We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we value your privacy at the Blueberry Pub. We respect your wishes when it comes to taking photos. We understand that not everyone is comfortable

being in front of the camera, and that's perfectly alright. However, if you're one of the many patrons who love capturing fun memories of your time here, don't hesitate to ask us. We'd be more than happy to oblige. At the end of the day, our main goal is to create a safe, welcoming space

for you to enjoy fantastic food and a great vibe.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Best, The Blueberry Pub Team

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