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Recap: The Exciting Big Money Quiz Night

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Thank you to everyone who attended our thrilling Big Money Quiz Night. The evening was filled with fun, laughter, and a competitive spirit. We were overwhelmed by the turnout and the enthusiasm you all brought to the event. It was indeed a blast! 💥😃 A hearty congratulations to all our winners! 🥳


We ensured the night was not just about quizzes and questions, but also about rewarding you for your efforts. We had three exciting prizes up for grabs:

The top prize was a whopping £100 💸. A significant amount that could brighten up anyone's day. The competition was fierce, but the one with the most correct answers took home this grand prize.


The second prize was no less - a considerable £50💸. The participant who came in a close second didn't leave empty-handed but took home this handsome amount.


And the third prize was a box full of delicious chocolates🍫. A sweet reward for the participant who came third. After all, who doesn't love chocolates?


But the fun didn't stop there. We had a special offer for all pizza lovers. We know how much you all enjoy a good slice of pizza, especially during a tense quiz night. So we had a Buy 1 Get 1 Half Priced deal on pizzas. 🍕


It was an enjoyable evening filled with laughter, great deals, and winnings! 🎉🥳 We were thrilled to see everyone having such a good time, enjoying the quiz, the food, and the overall atmosphere.


And if you missed out on this one, don't worry. We will be organizing the next Quiz Night soon. So, brace yourselves for another night of fun, food, and winnings. Keep an eye out for information on our newsletters and follow us on social media to stay updated.


We hope to see you at our next event. Until then, keep quizzing and keep winning! 🏆

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